About Wellness Briefs Technology

Incontinence is an embarrassing problem. The Wellness briefs can provide you an efficient solution to this problem.

The technology behind Wellness incontinence products

Nowadays adult diapers are readily available in the market but not all come with as superior features as Wellness briefs. The Wellness adult briefs have been designed based on the principles of MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garments) which have been specially created for astronauts. NASA has used a super absorbent polymer with a capacity to absorb up to 60 times its volumes.

Advanced features of Wellness briefs

The Wellness adult diapers are made with super absorbent polymers which have a capacity to soak up to 2.6 liters of water.  High absorbency is a unique feature of Wellness incontinence products. It makes these briefs effective and reduces expenditure on incontinence products. People who use Wellness briefs remain dry and feel comfortable for a longer period of time.

Normal adult diapers use paper pulp and hence their absorption capacity is much less. They use a single layer absorption system which makes a person feel uncomfortable very soon and he has to change quite a few times in a day.

Triple layered core absorption system is another feature of Wellness briefs. This system absorbs more liquid than normal adult briefs. The liquid is kept trapped in a separate layer. This makes the skin feel dry and prevents UTIs, severe irritation and other conditions that are commonly related to incontinence. Moreover, it does not lead to odor also.

So, the outstanding technology used in creating Wellness adult briefs not only ensures that a person feels dry and comfortable but also remains healthy.

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Living with Incontinence and How the Wellness Brief Can Help

Incontinence can be defined as loss of bladder control that disrupts daily activities and often becomes embarrassing. Although this problem has become very common but there is hope to deal incontinence and live with comfort and dignity.

Wellness incontinence products aim to provide people with an efficient, healthy and cost effective incontinence solution.

What makes Wellness briefs so effective?

Wellness adult diapers use high absorbent materials which can absorb up to 2.6 liters of water. So when you use Wellness briefs you do not have to frequently change them. In fact, you only require three changes in a day. So, you can go for your daily activities without worrying about changes and accidents. Wellness briefs make you feel confident, happy and in control of your life.

With these briefs you save a lot on managing continence. As these briefs keep you dry and odorless so you do not have to spend on ointments, creams and other products.

The Wellness adult diapers come with a unique three layer absorption system. This ensures that the liquid is kept away from the skin in a separate layer. With Wellness diapers you feel dry and comfortable all day long. A single change in the night ensures that you sleep comfortably and lead a healthy life.

The high absorbency system of Wellness briefs also ensure that you do not suffer from medical side effects like rashes, urinary tract infections or odor that are commonly associated with incontinence.

Wellness adult diapers are highly absorbent diapers that use latest technology to help you to lead a normal life.

The Incontinence Management Program From Unique Wellness

Incontinence affects more than 25 millions Americans. Both men and women suffer from urinary incontinence, a number that will balloon as baby boomers start to age. It is a frustrating problem and affects people of either gender. There are ways to manage incontinence and to reduce serious infection. 

Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacture, recently announced “Revolutionary New Incontinence Management Program”. The program brings adult diaper users the most comprehensive, cost effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today.

With a deep understanding of incontinence and a results oriented approach to design and manufacturing, the Unique Wellness Incontinence Program brings the most technologically advanced, most highly absorbent adult diapers to those millions of Americans living with incontinence.

  • The Wellness Brief is based on the same technology used by NASA astronauts in space; The MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garment) absorbs liquid and pulls it away from the skin.
  • The Unique Wellness brief absorb about 87 oz of liquid (nearly four times the average adult brief).
  • Users can regain the control, confidence and comfort necessary to live each day without limitations by using the new Unique Wellness Incontinence Program.
  • By using Unique Wellness Briefs, wearers have the highest level of hygiene and safety on the market today.

Find out more about the Revolutionary New Incontinence Management Program from the Unique Wellness website.

Market Innovator Announces One Millionth Adult Brief Shipped (Wellness Briefs of Course!)

Unique Wellness’ WellnessBrief Delivers Comfort and Confidence to the 25 Million Americans Suffering From Incontinence

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – September 22, 2009) – Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacturer offering comfort and confidence to millions of people by focusing on providing the best care for adults experiencing incontinence, today announced that it has shipped its one millionth WellnessBrief, the driest adult brief on the market today. WellnessBriefs have been providing comfort and confidence to thousands of Americans since they were introduced to the market in December 2008.

“Millions of Americans are afflicted with urinary incontinence, but have had to suffer needlessly because the adult briefs on the market for the past 50 years simply do not have an absorption rate high enough to be effective,” said Steve Goelman, CEO of Unique Wellness. “Our WellnessBrief can hold up to four times more liquid than competitors. Adults with incontinence can now have the security and confidence that goes with knowing their brief will keep them dry and comfortable for a much longer period of time, offering a true and dramatic improvement in their quality of life, impossible with our competitors’ products.”

Though most adult brief manufacturers tout that they can absorb certain amounts of liquid, the speed and ability to move moisture away from the user needs to be a factor. Instead of cotton, WellnessBriefs use Incontek® technology to absorb wetness and lock liquid away from the wearer’s skin, negating the odor commonly associated with the wearing of adult briefs, as well as a whole host of problems associated with adult briefs and incontinence (skin irritation, urinary tract infections, etc).

While the average adult brief can only hold up to 24oz of liquid, Unique Wellness’ WellnessBrief can hold up to 87oz of liquid. (The WellnessBrief is so absorbent; it only needs to be changed, on average, two to three times a day, compared with the average brief requiring 7-10 changes a day.)

Since its inception in 2008, Unique Wellness’ mission has been to manufacture the driest, most absorbent and most comfortable adult brief on the market. Constantly innovating and perfecting its original model, Unique Wellness’ line of products use a design similar to NASA technology ensuring security, comfort and confidence for anyone having a need to wear an adult brief.

In the next few months, Unique Wellness will be unveiling a revolutionary new corporate initiative to help educate millions of Americans and their healthcare professionals on the options available to relieve themselves of the discomfort and embarrassment of urinary incontinence.

About Unique Wellness

Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacturer, offers comfort and confidence to millions of people by focusing solely on providing the best care for adults experiencing incontinence. The company produces the world’s best adult briefs, revolutionizing the market by allowing users and caregivers the freedom of fewer daily changes and a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Please visit Unique Wellness at http://www.wellnessbriefs.com for more information.


Incontinence Briefs Perfect For Travel

Adult Diapers 3Learn about a revolutionary adult diaper that lasts for 8 hours.

Holiday travel and stress seem to go hand-in-hand. However, for the 25 million Americans who are incontinent, holiday travel adds a whole new level of stress that others will never experience. Extended trips on airplanes, traffic jams, and overnight stays can turn an otherwise enjoyable time with family into an unbearable situation.

Whether you have incontinence or are traveling with an older relative with incontinence, how to manage long stretches between bathrooms can be a concern. “This is a busy travel season, and the longer the flight, the longer the travel period and the harder it is. From New York to L.A., if you add travel time to and from the airport, it can be 9 to 10 hours of traveling,” says Steve Goelman, CEO of Unique Wellness, the manufacturer of the driest adult briefs on the market.

No matter where you’re going, your travel time can be significantly longer than the average adult incontinence brief can protect you. Even if you are usually able to manage getting to the bathroom while at home, whether you’re traveling by car, train, or bus or are flying, your toileting options can be quite limited. “You need a product that works well for you, to get through that travel time. It’s important for you. It’s embarrassing to always worry about your own discomfort and about what the person next to you is thinking,” says Goelman. You want a product that works from a cost-effective viewpoint and a confidence viewpoint. Those were just a few of the issues Goelman sought to solve by creating an adult diaper that is, true to its name, unique.

The Unique Wellness brief is based on the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs) developed by NASA. In creating the MAG, NASA developed a super absorbent polymer capable of absorbing up to 60 times its own volume. Super absorbent material, like starch, is made from molecules that are banded together with millions of identical units. An adult-sized diaper with extra absorption material is used because astronauts cannot remove their spacesuits during long operations. Three MAGs are given during space shuttle missions, one for during launch, re-entry, and a spare in case re-entry needs to be tried again. The super absorbent polymers can absorb about 1,000 times its weight in water. The MAG absorbs the liquid and pulls it away from the skin. A 2000 study found that the MAG can absorb up to 64 ounces of liquid. Tests conducted by Unique Wellness showed that the Wellness super-absorbent brief can absorb up to 87 ounces of liquid because of its polymers. You use fewer briefs, irritating urine stays away from the skin and, best of all, you have greater peace of mind—a higher degree of comfort from not having to change so many times a day.
Apart from the daily convenience of an adult diaper that lasts eight hours, there are significant advantages when traveling, not just on your way to your destination, but also after you get there. “If you are going to family, it’s extremely embarrassing to stay in someone else’s house and wake up with a wet bed,” says Goelman.

Here are Goelman’s tips for getting the most out of the Wellness super-absorbent brief:

  • Don’t wait until you feel wetness to change your incontinence brief. “We recommend three changes a day, once every eight hours.”
  • Skin care is still important even though your need for skin care products will be reduced by using a more absorbent brief. Cleanse thoroughly once a day and use cleansing wipes as needed after every change.
  • Take care of yourself. Based on your level of incontinence, ask your doctor about medication to take just during travel. See if Kegel exercises help.
  • Carefully coordinate your schedule. If you’re staying at a hotel, be aware of the closest bathroom in the lobby for instance. Try to stick to the same times of day to change your incontinence brief.

If you’re battling incontinence, know that there have never been as many products available as there are today. “You have options and can be just like anybody else,” says Goelman. “Before Viagra, no one would talk about erectile dysfunction—nobody ever discussed it. Now people know there’s a way to deal with it. Incontinence is along those same lines. It’s not going to hold up your life anymore, there are ways to live your life and live your life with dignity. The world has changed. Things are different today.”


Wellness Briefs is the top adult diaper solution for Facilities – Read why here!

Wellness briefs adult diapersIf you are a caregiver and /or institution we can show you remarkable same savings based on the wholesale pricing that you are currently paying

Feel free to call one of our Incontek® incontinence specialists today so that we can show you a demonstration on how you can significantly reduce and/or eliminate many of your costs while at the same time excelling in patient care.

We can offer you similar savings as stated in the retail pricing chart.

Becoming an Incontek® certified institution will significantly add to your appeal and will help attract the clientele you need for full capacity thereby significantly adding to your revenue.

There is a common misconception that regulation requires that the patient needs to be changed about 8-10 times a day. This is incorrect. The law identifies that an institution must provide the proper incontinence care so that the patient is dry with no skin irritation and susceptibility for infection due to the exposure from the feces and urine.

Using the Wellness brief® will limit the need for changing your patients to once a shift (based on 3 eight hour shifts per day).

Using the Wellness brief® will always keep you compliant with long term care regulations. You will rarely/never receive any violations and will always keep your patients comfortable. So why bother with trying to cut corners with cheap products if you could excell with ours.

Why Unique Wellness Is The Number One Choice for Adult Diapers

Space Age Technology
The Unique Wellness® incontinence program is based on the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments ( MAGs ) developed by NASA.

A 2000 study found that the MAG can absorb up to 64 oz (2 liters) of liquid. The tests we conducted show that the Wellness brief® can absorb up to 87 oz (2.6 liters) of liquid!!
The Wellness brief® fully absorbs the liquid and pulls it away from the skin leaving little opportunity for skin irritation.

Cost Effective
The Unique Wellness® incontinence program is the most cost effective and time efficient available.

Using our program will reduce and/or eliminate 10 or more incontinence costs.
Ease Of Use
Only 3 changes per day and you will prevent rashes.
Wetness indicator indicates if brief is wet.

The multi-functional capabilities of the Incon tek® technology that we incorporate in to the Wellness brief® will reduce landfill by over 70%!!! You will also dramatically reduce (by over 70%) the carbon footprint from the fuel and electricity used for manufacturing briefs, bedpads, and laundering sheets.

Odor Free
The Wellness brief® has a unique layered system that keeps your area free of the odors associated with incontinence.