The Psychological Impact of Adult Incontinence

incontinence care products for adults
incontinence care products for adults


The plight of a reasonably healthy adult who is facing incontinence issues is quite miserable. The physical symptoms have a far reaching effect. The patient suffers from intermittent urinary or fecal incontinence. Mild adult continence is where the patient experiences a small amount of urine leakage that happens upon sneezing, coughing, or laughing loudly. Moderate incontinence is the term given to the problem when an adult cannot hold urine or feces and the urge to void is uncontrollable. The heavy incontinence sufferers are generally not aware of the problem and relieve themselves just about anywhere and at anytime. This situation may be attributed to reduced sensation in the lower body or a neural deficit like dementia.

Why am I incontinent? The truth behind adult incontinence

There are several reasons to incontinence. Incontinence in women is largely due to child birth issues. The pelvic floor muscles become damaged and result in mild incontinence. Old age, diseases like prostrate inflammation or cancer, neural deficiencies, and mental health issues are the primary contributors towards incontinence. But whatever is the reason for incontinence, the patient undergoing it suffers very deeply.

A patient with major physical or mental disabilities is often found bound to his or her bed. In such cases, the mental agony is omnipresent but the patient himself is often unaware of his own predicament. The worst psychological sufferer is the patient with mild incontinence. He is physically quite active and is in a position to maintain an active social life. The lack of confidence and the inability to handle the drawbacks of incontinence makes the patient reclusive and withdrawn. It has a sweeping effect on the life of the patient, and all loved ones alike.

The psychological impact of adult incontinence in day to day life

Those suffering from incontinence are low on confidence and have a general feeling of anger or sadness. Very commonly, they tend to be depressed and manifest social isolation. The reasons are a feeling of inadequacy to deal with the frequent stains and leaks. Another major issue is the odor of stale urine that permeates their clothing and furniture. This very real situation makes an otherwise active person full of stress and anxiety.

Likewise, stress incontinence forces a woman to curtail her social and sexual life due to fear of leakages. It leaves her with a total lack of self-image. The fear of intimacy and sexual contact strips such patients of any vestige of confidence. It has been found that a majority of these incontinent women are too embarrassed or depressed to comprehend that they can be helped. In their case, significant improvement can be achieved with the right medical and psychological help.

The steps to freedom from issues related to incontinence

Once a patient is encouraged to seek medical health, the status of her incontinence related woes have to be reviewed thoroughly. The adequate medical intervention may help in minimizing the symptoms or even curing the problem through exercise, medicines or even surgery in extreme cases. Once the physical symptoms are dealt with, the psychological analysis of the sufferer’s mental health issues like depression, social isolation, and intimacy issues can be delved into.

The help of health practitioners is invaluable as they help patients choose the best ways to cope with leaks and stains. They would advise them on how to choose the best incontinence products like liners, pads or adult diapers to help manage leaks and stains. Medication may help resolve the issue of odors as well. Today, incontinence products that absorb odors and even deodorize the smell are available freely in the market. The challenge is to choose the best suited and most affordable products. You have to keep in mind that this is a long lasting issue and the financial impact is also a recurrent one. Most health insurance companies do not reimburse disposable products so it is important to invest in them after thorough research and planning.

Grabbing back your life from incontinence

Are you or your loved one suffering from incontinence? Once you are on the path of recovery and out fitted with the most suitable incontinence product to ensure that no embarrassing moments will mar your entry into the social scene, it is time to get on with your life.

Simple exercises like kegels not only strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but also improve upon your sex life. Take the plunge and regenerate your interest. Try and regain the lost intimacy with your partner. Make him a part of your therapy classes and do not shy away from asking him for physical and mental support.

Once the leaks stop, your fear of bad smells will automatically recede. Take the initiative to get your house super clean. Carpets and furnishings are the worst sufferers. Splurge on a new sofa and carpet. These new additions in your personal setting will not only look good and smell clean, but also cheer you up. It may also be the step towards social inclusion.

Make sure that the incontinence products are disposed properly in separate covered bins to avoid bad odors.

These small but significant changes are the catalyst in building confidence and help patients regain their zest for life. With positive steps in place, they can restart light to moderate activities like going for walks, going out on a dinner date, or for long awaited vacations. In short, the list of possibilities is endless once the physical symptoms are arrested.

Incontinence issues with bedridden patients’ needs caregiver intervention

It may be an accident, a stroke or surgery that has left you highly incontinent. There is not much that be done to restore normal function, but suitable incontinence products are available to keep you safe and dry. Your caregiver can ascertain the kind of product you need to stay in comfort across the day and night. Counseling may also help in accepting the condition and moving on with it. A combination of physical therapy and psychological counseling may be of immense help to regain at least a semblance of normality.

In the case of the mental health deficient patients, it is an easier task because the patient is no longer able to comprehend his condition and is in no position to get embarrassed.

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Overnight Adult Pull Ups Help in Preventing Nighttime Incontinence & Keep You Dry and Comfortable Whole Night

Overnight Adult Pull Ups
Overnight Adult Pull Ups

Are you the primary care giver of an incontinent parent? Are you the health care provider to an elderly patient who faces incontinence? Then, you are a witness to the constant self-derision and frustration they face on a day to day basis. It is important that such patients do not slip into depression and morbidity. Incontinence is not really physically debilitating but can prove to be the cause of rapid emotional deterioration. While others tend to take keeping dry as a given thing, the incontinent adults face a constant struggle to keep dry and comfortable. This is a very real fear as psychological morbidity can become very dangerous.

It is not unknown that severely depressed people, especially the elderly and infirm people, may harbor withdrawal tendencies. They feel that they will never get relief from the problem and that the situation is untenable. The added lonesomeness, if the spouse is absent, adds to the despair. In case you are going through the same conditions, then a good counselor can provide some relief from anxiety and depression. To get some modicum of control over incontinence, regular use of an overnight adult pull up is highly recommended.

Maintaining The Dignity of Incontinent People

In most cases, the old and infirm have a sense of loss of dignity when incontinence takes over. This helplessness is a tangible feeling which makes patients feel that his or her dignity is compromised. These older people are knowledgeable and smart; they have oodles of life experiences and have lived through the trials and tribulations of life. However, at some stage of life, ageism becomes an unfortunate reality that has to be handled in the best of ways. Add to it the indignity caused by incontinence and there are some miserable situations on hand. The good news is that incontinence can be contained with overnight adult pull ups.

It is painful when elders must learn to accept the loss of their independence, but it essential for care givers to ensure that they can live with a semblance of dignity and respect. If you happen to be a caregiver then these helpful tips will help you go an extra mile with them.

  • Give them privacy and respect. Incontinence can be controlled with proper intervention. It is a lifelong issue but the situation can be controlled.
  • Exercise patience in the face of intractable situation. It is a good idea not to ridicule or belittle accidents. The accident is involuntary. Do help clean up and change the diaper with no visible disgust or irritation.
  • In some cases senility or other mental health issues like Alzheimer’s or dementia may set in. This condition makes it even more critical to have a good care giver who deals with the incontinent patient with compassion and empathy. Compassion is the corner stone of working with the elderly.
  • Adopt easy techniques to help the elderly suffering from incontinence be mobile and alert. Go with them for short walks. If the problem is mild incontinence, it is considered a natural progression of old age and can be contained in a mess free manner with overnight adult pull up diapers, which promise to contain leakage for a longer time.
  • It is imperative that regular medical check-ups are done to ensure that there are no physical problems that may make the condition worse. Health care professionals can also recommend medication and physiotherapy, as applicable, to help minimize the problem.
  • It is very necessary to keep elderly patients busy and interactive as it is very easy to lose them to mental health issues. Simple games, television, trading stories, even video games keep the elderly mentally agile. This also helps in containing incontinence as the patient is more aware of his bodily functions and can indicate an urge to void.

The Perfect Incontinence Product Ensures Peace of Mind

The right incontinence product makes sure that the patient suffers no embarrassing leaks and stains. There is a dry and comfortable feeling creating a general sense of well-being. The right product, such as an overnight adult pull up, is one which suits the patient’s lifestyle. A fairly active person may feel secure in a sleek and discreet pull up. The absorbent core keeps the patient dry but leaves no bulky diaper line under the patient’s clothes. This allows the patient to lead an active social life and offers a modicum of normalcy.

Products like an adult pull up diaper allows the patient to go for longer periods without a change. It is not merely used for overnight wear, but can also be used if it is not possible to change diapers very frequently. This allows the patient freedom to travel and indulge in light sports and other activities. The closer the patient gets to a semblance of normalcy, the better the quality of life he or she can lead. So, help such people choose the correct product and be fancy free.

A heavily incontinent patient needs a bulkier product that is super absorbent and has adjustable leg cuffs to provide better leakage control. Side tabs are a way to ensure that these diapers can be changed conveniently even if the patient is bed ridden. The adjustable tabs make it easier to find a good fit for obese and apple shaped patients who have large bellies. A good fit is important to avoid leakages. If your diaper is super absorbent, but the fit is not snug, it might be a recipe for disaster. There are bound to be accidents if the diaper bunches up or shifts to one side. It is good to be vigilant about the way your diaper conforms to your body shape.

Regardless of whether you are suffering from incontinence, or are a caregiver, choose the right product in the right size and style to reclaim your active lifestyle. Your choice of incontinence products also needs to be affordable as the usage is high. Choose wisely, as these are products are the ones that you are likely to use for a long time.

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The Ultimate Guide to Incontinence Products for Adult

Incontinence Products for Adult

Incontinence Products for Adult

When caring for a person with incontinence issues, understanding the best products can be a challenge. The range and intensity of the incontinence issues is what makes the choice of products even more challenging. While tons of therapies and products, such as penis clamps, massage therapy and Botox among others have been put in place to try managing incontinence, most of the times, basics like the diapers and pads are your best management option. Understanding the options that are available in the market is the first step in getting the right Incontinence Products for Adult.

Pull up briefs

This is an incontinence product that is a full fitted brief which takes the place of regular underwear. They are ideal for people that:

  • Are completely unable to manage their own incontinence
  • People that are able to bear their own weight or are ambulatory
  • People that have both bladder and bowel incontinence

The underwear is essentially a disposable garment with a built in pad. You simply incorporate it into the wardrobe of the person because after use you just dispose them. It is important to note that they are not ideal for people that are bedridden and need changing in bed.

Pad inserts

Pad inserts are made in a way that they fit inside your undergarments. They normally have some form of adhesive tape attached to them to make them stick to the garment. They are ideal for people that have accidental leakage from time to time but no serious incontinence issues. The pads can also be used to reinforce the pull up briefs and make them more absorbent. This product however, should not be used on people that have complete bladder or bowel incontinence.

Belted undergarments

They are halfway between a pad insert and a full brief. They are made to replace regular underpants. They will either have an elastic band which has buttons or buttons to keep them in place or other fastening mechanism. They are ideal for people that have accidental leakages from time to time. If your loved one needs changing in bed, this is the ideal method to use especially when changing is needed without removing all the clothes. On the other hand, they will not be comfortable or efficient when dealing with quick changes and bowel incontinence.

Taped pads

These look like the regular briefs, with the only difference being that they manage incontinence. They are also referred to as adult briefs. On each end is a tape that fastens the brief around the individual. They are normally used in place of regular undergarments. They are ideal for people that have bowel incontinence or need a change in bed. They are not recommended for people that need to be changed when standing.

Overnight pads

These are designed like the form fitted briefs or the taped briefs. The only difference is that they are reinforced so that the added absorbency can help them last through the night. The products also wick moisture away from the skin and protect the user from rash. They are ideal for people that need to use diapers overnight and aren’t in a position to wake up at night and change. They are also great for people with limited mobility or those who are difficult to change.

Bed pads and underpads

There are times when even with the best diapers, some leakage will happen. The best way to make sure that your regular bedding does not get the leak and get smelly as it happens with regular leakages is investing in bed-pads and under-pads. The bed-pads can also be used as a draw-pad to get someone out of bed. In case you aren’t able to do laundry frequently, it is best to invest in the disposable under-pads. These pads can also be placed on chairs and other furniture.

Those are some of the Incontinence Products for Adult. It is recommended to assess the state of the person one is using the product for before doing the shopping. It is also advisable to read reviews of the brands that are available in the market. When trying the products, always observe the comfort levels and the length of time you need before the need to change the diapers. This will guide you in picking the product that will address the needs of your patient adequately. Also, if you notice a rash, redness or discomfort with a product, discontinue use immediately as it could be an allergic reaction. Invest in quality products to lower the risk of the complications that arise from the use of the products.

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A Quick Guide Before You Shop Adult Diapers for Men

Adult Diapers for Men
Adult Diapers for Men

While it is challenging to cover all benefits or applications of adult diapers for men here in this post, but let’s check out a few of them. Wearing adult diapers give you a unique sense of comfort, confidence and freedom. It also ensures safety from leakage and moisture. These incontinence products are designed using the most innovative technology that makes them harmless and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Using adult diapers is extremely convenient and cost-effective option. It helps you stay relaxed and feel sense of security both emotionally and physically. Yet there are many men out there who find it quiet difficult to overcome their dilemma or all misconceptions about wearing adult diapers.

Whether you or your loved one is suffering from urinary incontinence, wearing adult diaper is the answer. Adult diapers are available for both men and women. So, if your spouse is suffering from bladder control issues, buying her high quality adult diapers is a sensible choice.

Millennial men can use adult diapers for so many reasons

Urinary and fecal discharge related incontinence isn’t the only reason why you should wear adult diapers. There are so many other reasons you can use adult diapers for. For example, if you are suffering from a severe physical injury and are bedridden now, using adult diapers seems a right choice which makes life a bit easier.

If you often go out attending music concerts, dramas, movies or hanging out with friends, you are probably aware that not all places have clean toilet and washrooms. Using adult diapers for men will help you avoid dealing with those unhygienic toilets in public places.

Adult diapers can also be a great aid while travelling. Standing in that long queue at the airport or waiting outside the bathrooms that are used by hundreds or thousands of people everyday can be a nasty experience. But with adult diapers, you can travel to longer distances and explore new places in hassle-free manner.

Some of the millennial men also prefer wearing adult diapers while visiting the hotels, cafes or restaurants with friends or family so as to avoid frequent visit to the washrooms and make the most of the time with their loved ones. Adult diapers can also help you ditch those long lines for the bathroom at those local bars or night clubs. And did I say, wearing adult diapers will help you lie on bed or couch for long hours while watching TV or movies?

Some factors you must consider while buying adult diapers for men

Before you go out shopping adult diapers for men, it is vital to know your requirement or purpose of buying diapers first. Whether you need them for your heavy urinary incontinence problem, you have less severe urinary continence and you need adult diapers for outside visits or whatsoever is the purpose, the selection of diaper product varies based on the purpose.

In addition to purpose or your specific needs, it is also important to consider your budget, style and comfort while shopping for adult diapers. These days, adult diapers come with cool features like odor control, easy to wear belts, extra pad inserting space, etc. You need to figure out your needs and make a right choice accordingly. The absorbency level of adult diapers also varies dramatically from one brand to other.

It is best to explore all different types of incontinence products available out there and try a few brands of adult diapers, pull-ups or briefs to learn what suits you best. You will find both disposable and reusable adult diapers. Choose your diapers based on your convenience and budget. There are many online stores who offer free samples of adult diapers to the first-timers. And there is no shipping charge.

Get the right fit!

There are stories of individuals who complain of urinary leakage through diaper. To prevent such scenario, you should ensure that you choose a reliable brand, right size and right style of adult diapers for men depending on your particular condition and needs. There is certainly no dearth of incontinence products for men. You can browse the online or offline stores selling adult diapers for men and try out several brands.

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Freedom from Fear of Wet Pants with Adult Diapers for Men

Adult Diapers for Men
Adult Diapers for Men

Is incontinence making your life restricted and frustrating? Is the fear of embarrassing leaks and stains stopping you from enjoying life? Choosing the most suitable incontinence product will give you back your life.

Adult incontinence, both fecal and urinary can be a debilitating problem. The issue is much more than the physical discomfort that the patient suffers. The mental and emotional agony of living in the fear of social embarrassment takes a toll on his well being to unmanageable levels. Sometimes otherwise normal people might suffer from incontinence due to injury or surgery. They require incontinence products as they are unable to reach the toilet in time. On the other side of the picture, patients of mental diseases like dementia and other cognitive impairments might be unable to unable to understand the urge to void. In both cases the need for suitable adult diapers for men. If you are in the same boat, or are taking care of a loved one or senior under your care, then you may want to know a little more about how disposable adult diapers for men are the right way to go.

Types of adult incontinence products to suit your needs

There are many types of adult incontinence products available today that can keep you comfortable and secure. They are available in a variety of fits and shapes to suit all needs, from drips to heavy overnight incontinence. The high technology adult diapers for men include wetness indicators, moisture –proof lining, super absorbent micro beads to contain the flow.

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Do Disposable Adult Diapers Change the Quality of Life?

Disposable Adult Diapers
Disposable Adult Diapers

Losing control of your bladder does not mean losing control of your life. Make use of convenient alternatives to live freely without the nagging insecurities about embarrassing leaks and stains. An award-winning adult diaper manufacturer Wellness Briefs shares some important tips that help people with incontinence how to lead a normal life with disposable adult diapers.

Are you grappling with the woes of incontinence? Or, are you taking care of a senior family member who has lost his or her bladder control and needs assistance to get o the washroom? If your answers are in the affirmative then do know that disposable adult diapers for men and women are what you should seek. This is because it comes as a rude shock when you discover that your busy and very social lifestyle is cramped with the burden of incontinence. It is quite a common problem and generally unacknowledged. Life can be resumed quite normally once the right treatment and incontinence products are used correctly to arrest the issue.

It has been found that incontinence generally affects older people and people with hormonal problems, obesity, irritable bladders, mobility injuries, severe diarrhea or cognitive impairments like dementia. A disposable adult diaper is specially constructed to be worn by a person who is either recuperating from an illness or surgery, is a senior without any bladder control, etc. It is generally made of super absorbent and skin friendly materials that are deemed fit for prolonged use.

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What You Need To Know Before Buying Disposable Adult Diapers

wellness disposable adult diapers
wellness disposable adult diapers

Incontinence does not have to interfere with your daily routine. With the right disposable adult diapers, you can continue to have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle without any worries.

Being diagnosed with incontinence does not necessarily mean that your regular life has ended. With slight adjustments to your lifestyle, such as taking proper medication and using disposable adult diapers, you can still enjoy everything that life has to offer, without the fear of embarrassing yourself. Adult diapers are readily available in most drug stores, supermarkets, and even in a number of online stores. With a bit of research, you can easily find sung fitting adult diapers to meet all your needs. Modern adult diapers come in a variety of styles, colors, and other functional features, and this article is aimed at helping you to choose the right incontinence product that works for you.

Here are a few factors that you need to consider before buying an adult diaper:

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